We are Live! Thanks Mia & YIKES!

Peaceful City’s New WordPress Website is now Live–Thank you Mia of YIKES Web Design and Development

Peaceful City is deeply fortunate to have been supported in the creation of our new WordPress website by Mia Levesque of YIKES–a local Fishtown firm whose outstanding and inspired work in web design and development is grounded in wholehearted dedication to sustainable business practices. YIKES is a member of the Philadelphia Sustainable Business Network, observes the triple bottom line of people, planet, and profit, and is committed to building a more socially, environmentally and financially sustainable local economy. YIKES’s office is located in a green (soon to be LEED certified) building, powered by 100% Renewable electricity through The Energy Cooperative, and 100% Replanted. They compost, recycle, use environmentally friendly materials and products, and have Volunteer Time Off (VTO) as one of their employee benefits. Mia’s wholehearted presence, caring, clarity and openness in every communication and element of the web design process have supported and inspired us. We thank and celebrate her and YIKES for these great gifts!