Special Events


From time to time, Peaceful City offers Special Events. We hope you will join us. (While a few are intended for folks already practicing with our Sangha, to become such a person all you need to do is to come a few times and practice with us!)

Upcoming Events Calendar:
(please see below for event descriptions)
11/8/14: Daylong Mindfulness Retreat in Philadelphia with Senior Meditation Teachers Anh-Huong and Thu Nguyen

Peaceful City Sangha Daylong Mindfulness Retreats in Philadelphia
with Senior Meditation Teachers Anh-Huong and Thu Nguyen

All are welcome! These retreats offer the precious opportunity to stop, rest, let go of all our worries and anxieties, and come home to care for and renew ourselves.  An excellent first introduction to mindfulness for beginners, they also offer those already practicing the opportunity to enjoy going more deeply. Activities generally include sitting and walking meditation, mindful eating, total body relaxation, mindful movement, a short talk about mindfulness, and an opportunity to share together in small groups. These full day Saturday retreats run roughly 8:30am-5pm. Pre-registration (required) opens 3-4 weeks in advance. To receive full information about upcoming Philadelphia Days of Mindfulness as soon as it becomes available please click here to join the Days of Mindfulness mailing list.

Next Daylong Retreat: 11/8/14 (please join the mailing list to receive more details when they become available.

Peaceful City Sangha Road Trips

While carpooling to these retreats is likely available through Peaceful City only for folks already practicing with us, the wonderful Retreats themselves are open to everyone! (And if you can’t find transportation, please do feel free to contact us just in case space is available.) We encourage everyone to take part in these great opportunities and look forward to hopefully seeing you there.

Upcoming Peaceful City Sangha Road Trips: 

Please stay tuned. : )

Special Sunday Sangha Practice Sessions

These special Sunday Sessions (10am-1pm) include many of our usual Sunday enjoyments–such as sitting meditation and Dharma Sharing. They also offer opportunities for us enter more deeply together into specific elements or themes of practice–deepening our individual and collective practice, and our connections as a community. Come enjoy the creativity, nourishment, and fun of exploring in new ways and learning more about the practice and each other! Themes emerge organically from our Sangha practice, usually announced roughly 2-4 weeks before the session. The sessions are followed by a joyful lunch together for those who choose to stay. These Special Sunday Sessions are open to anyone who has already practiced with Peaceful City, and many may also be appropriate for new folks. Interested in any of the sessions below or have questions? Please contact us.

Upcoming Special Sunday Practice Sessions:

please stay tuned… : )