April 21st Retreat

Mindfulness is our inherent capacity for healing and renewal. With mindfulness, we are able to slow down, relax our bodies, calm our minds, and open our hearts. We can touch and be nourished by the peace and joy that are always available within and around us, right here and now. In this daylong retreat, we will learn and enjoy basic mindfulness practices including mindful breathing, mindful walking, mindful movements, mindful eating, and total body relaxation—practices we can then bring home to continue to nourish us in our daily lives. The day will include a short talk on mindful living, and the opportunity to share and learn from each other’s insights and experiences.

Ideal for those curious about or new to mindfulness and meditation,
this day welcomes all who’d like to nourish their beginner’s mind and heart.

Anh-Huong and Thu Nguyen have been practicing mindfulness for thirty years. They have led mindfulness retreats in the United States since 1988, and in 1992, they were among the first students to be ordained as meditation teachers by Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh. They are the principal Teachers of the Mindfulness Practice Center of Fairfax ( http://mpcf.org ), which offers non-sectarian training in and practice of Mindfulness.

There is no set fee for this retreat, and no one will be turned away because of cost. Financial support as appropriate to your circumstances is greatly appreciated to help cover costs of the day and to support the teachers. As a guide, a donation of $10- $100 based on what’s possible for you is suggested. Donations are fully tax deductible. Wheelchair accessible. Public transportation & parking nearby.

Pre-registration is now closed.

If you would like to join us on Saturday, there is still some space. Please see below for necessary information about what to expect, including timing, what to bring, location and parking.

Please note this is a daylong retreat; in order to support our collective peace and mindfulness, all participants are asked to plan to attend for the full day, 8:45am- 4:30pm. Please arrive at 8:45am to register and pick up materials. It will not be possible to join the retreat once it is underway.

Please Bring:

*your own cushion/meditation seat if you have one (a limited number of chairs will be available.)

*your own vegetarian lunch (we will enjoy the practice of mindful eating together, and there will be no break to go buy lunch.)

*a comfortable blanket or mat for Deep Relaxation (the Bodek Lounge has a hardwood floor; please bring enough padding for your comfort. You may also like to bring a blanket to cover you when you rest.)

*clothing appropriate for walking outside.

*Water(there is also a fountain nearby, as well as water cooler to refill your water bottle)

Bodek Lounge, Houston Hall, 3417 Spruce Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104
The Bodek Lounge is located in Houston Hall, on the campus of the University of Pennsylvania, at 3417 Spruce Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104. Bodek Lounge is on the far West side of Houston Hall’s first floor.
Map it 

Transportation & Parking:
the UPenn Parking Garage #7 at South Street & Convention Avenue is roughly three blocks away and $10 for all-day parking. A little over half a mile from Houston Hall is the Science Center Parking Garage at 37th & Market, which is $8 for the day.
By bus: the 40 bus stops at 34th and Spruce, less than one block from Huston Hall. The 42 and 21 busses both stop at 34th and Walnut, about three blocks away.
By Train: from 30th Street Station, the 11, 13, 34 and 36 trolleys all stop at 37th and Spruce, about 3 blocks’ walk from Huston Hall. For rail, trolley & bus schedules: http://www.septa.org/

Need to get in touch with us before Saturday?
Please call Nancy at (610) 642-6452.